DIY: Recycled Brick Patio

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Before: Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.

For a while now, my sister and I have been debating putting a brick patio in out tiny (now fenced in backyards. I say backyards because right behind our laundry rooms we have an nice little walkway that connects the two "backyards". While my side is slightly bigger, Mary-Keeley's side is free of plants, pretty level and now quite sunny (thanks to the Tornado that brought down the HUGE oak--on our house, might I add--that provided nice shade). Another reason for a patio is the fact that a very large grill will be coming to live with MK and her boyfriend in July. Not wanting to grill in the dirt, we decided it was now or never for a patio.

During: Filling in cracks with paver sand. We only had to use one bag for leveling the ground and one for filling in the cracks!

While looking around the internet, I realized that I didn't like the look of the new brick pavers that kept coming up in my search. I wanted something with character, something with and Old English garden feel...

Enter---Wood Manor Apartments. While driving through a tornado ravaged neighborhood just a street away, I spotted a GOLD MINE of bricks. It seems that the entire side of this apartment building just crumbled to the ground. I thought they may want to save those to rebuild, but realized that with the whole second floor gone, they would be tearing down in the near future. I jumped at the chance to "save" these bricks from the land fill. 3 loads and 2 hours later we gathered the best looking bricks and headed home. Only spending a total of $15.00 on 3 bags of paver sand, we managed to complete a pretty darn good looking patio on MK's side with 1 bag of sand to spare!

After: Not perfect but just the right amount of charm that we were looking for!

We can't wait to finish up my side, lay some sod and start enjoying our new backyards!!!

Missing in the Month of May

Friday, June 3, 2011

Yeah, I'm sure that you all prob thought I was gone forever... What with only about 2 posts in May? Sorry about that. I have been slowly putting things back together around my house. I have also been re-evaluating my creativity. My work room is in a mess and my head is barely screwed on straight. Don't worry your little hearts though. During the month of June, I will be re-stocking my Etsy shops, re-working the blog and I have a few little before and afters to share.

I know you hear it from me a lot but PLEASE bare with me. Good things come to those who wait!

Now for a little link love on this glorious and HOT Friday...

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Have a WONDERFUL weekend!